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Divorce Modifications & Enforcements

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When the Current Enforcement Orders Don’t Work

Sometimes, a client has a change in circumstances that warrants a modification of current court orders.  For example, a parent who loses a job or has a significant change to their financial status may not be able to uphold the terms of the child support or spousal support/alimony obligations currently in effect and may need to request a decrease in those payments.    If you can no longer afford your current obligations, Texas law doesn’t allow you to stop paying it, but does allow you to petition the court for a modification.  Alternatively, if your ex-spouse has remarried, won the lottery or landed a significantly good-paying job, there may be no reason for you to continue making certain support payments.  However, since the penalties for non-payment can be significant, Mr. Atkinson understands the importance of modifying the court order as soon as there has been a change in circumstances.

Modifications of support orders

Other times, a parent (or even a child) may experience a change in current circumstances that warrants a different type of modification.  For example, a teenage son or daughter may want to live with the other parent or a parent may believe that a change in the rights and duties of the roles of each parent are necessary based on the current needs of the child.  Family lawyer Bradford L. Atkinson represents clients in actions to enforce child support orders and collect past-due alimony. He can advise you of your legal options when faced with court decrees that fail to take your financial situation into account. If there are extenuating circumstances, Mr. Atkinson can help you put together the appropriate records for the court.

Enforcement of court orders in Texas

Parents who fail to fulfill their current court obligations are subject to a variety of penalties based on the specific court violations. If you become delinquent in your child support, the court can hold you in contempt and sentence you to time in jail. The court also may order the seizure of the following until payments are made current:

  • Lottery winnings — The state will attach past due child support to any lottery winnings.
  • Licenses — The state can suspend your driver’s license and fishing and hunting licenses, as well as any professional licenses necessary to pursue your career.
  • Tax refunds — State and federal income tax refunds can be withheld.

Bradford L. Atkinson can provide you with reliable and knowledgeable advice as it relates to your current situation and the modification or enforcement of a current court order no matter what side of the case you are on. Mr. Atkinson understands that individual circumstances change and he will work with you to prepare for a modification or enforcement of your current order, guiding you each step of the way.

Contact a knowledgeable Texas attorney for divorce modification and enforcement advice

To learn more about court modifications and enforcements and to discuss the issues specific to your own circumstances, please complete the contact information on this page to schedule a consultation with Mr. Atkinson, or call 936-230-5462.



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