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Montgomery County, Texas Divorce Property Division Attorney

Dividing marital property in The Woodlands and Conroe

The division of marital property is one of the greatest challenges in a divorce. Marital estates often contain assets that are difficult to appraise and prompt conflicting opinions about their true value. Since divorces often take place after trust between parties has been damaged, negotiations can easily break down as tempers rise.  Prolonged litigation of these matters can deplete the marital estate, diminishing the financial security of both parties and their children. Bradford L. Atkinson works for equitable solutions that place his clients on the best possible financial footing. For more than 17 years , Mr. Atkinson has helped clients reach settlements that preserve assets and distribute them fairly.

Equitable distribution of assets in Texas divorce

Texas uses the principle of equitable distribution to divide marital property. This is a three-step process, in which the court:

  • Identifies property as marital or nonmarital (nonmarital property includes assets that a spouse acquired by inheritance or gift or owned before the marriage)
  • Places a value on each asset of marital property
  • Divides the marital property in a manner it deems fair

Equitable distribution in divorce does not always translate into a precise 50/50 split. An experienced divorce attorney helps to ensure accuracy at every phase of the property-division process.

Practical considerations for the division of marital property in the Conroe, Texas area

A review of the financial assets of a marriage, including the family home and retirement savings accounts, allows the court to put a value on your major assets. However, some assets may be encumbered by debts such as mortgages. Bradford L. Atkinson can help you calculate whether you can truly afford to keep the house and continue to make mortgage payments or whether you would be better off with liquid assets so you can move on with your life without significant debt. With the help of accountants, he can help you make sure your divorce decisions are  sound and your assets are protected. Mr. Atkinson focuses on advocating for his clients so they are satisfied with the results of their case. Mr. Atkinson prides himself on having clients who look back long after their case has concluded and know that they were given the best representation available.

Contact a reliable property division attorney in The Woodlands and Conroe, Texas

Equitable distribution is more likely to turn out fair when you are well-represented. Bradford L. Atkinson stands up for your rights. To schedule an initial consultation, call 936-230-5462 or contact his office online.

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