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Child custody and child support are independent issues. While the court considers personal attributes like maturity and responsibility in determining child custody, it renders decisions on child support based almost entirely on the arithmetic of the Texas child support guidelines. Still, parties to a divorce and inexperienced attorneys can make mistakes in presenting income data and estimating post-divorce expenses. These mistakes can prove burdensome later on. Bradford L. Atkinson is a seasoned divorce attorney who focuses on getting your support orders right the first time. Clients also rely on him to secure modifications of support orders after the divorce becomes final.

Calculating child support in Conroe, Texas

The Texas child support guidelines are straightforward. The law requires a noncustodial parent to pay 20 percent of his or her income for support of the first child, and an additional five percent for each additional child up to the fifth. The parent is obligated to pay for a child until the child turns 18 or finishes high school, whichever is later. The state provides for a prompt, reliable delivery of funds to the custodial parent through a system of automatic wage garnishment. This system was developed because many fathers stopped support payments whenever their ex-wives did something they thought interfered with child visitation or another aspect of the divorce decree. Bradford L. Atkinson is a leading advocate of fathers’ rights to seek a legal remedy for their grievances, rather than violate their obligations under the support order.

The duty to provide medical coverage apart from basic child support

Texas requires that the parents provide medical coverage for their children, and that the noncustodial parent contribute. In some cases, the noncustodial parent may obtain health insurance through an employer. In other cases, the insurance may come from the custodial parent’s employer, but the noncustodial parent may have to pick up the cost.

Modifications of Texas child support in Conroe and The Woodlands

After a divorce, parents may understandably experience hardship because of job loss, medical bills or other unexpected expenses. In some cases, the costs associated with splitting one household into two were incorrectly assessed in pre-divorce proceedings. Family lawyer Bradford L. Atkinson can help you obtain a post-divorce modification of your child support arrangement so the payments fit the realities of your financial situation.

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