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Remedies for financial hardships in The Woodlands and Conroe

A parent who loses a job or decides to move away or remarry may not be able to uphold the terms of the child support, child custody or alimony agreements. Modifications to such agreements can be negotiated through the courts periodically, with a showing of changed circumstances. Bradford L. Atkinson can help you evaluate whether your plea for relief is likely to succeed.

Enforcement of child custody in Texas

Parents who fail to fulfill their support obligations are subject to a variety of penalties and collection measures. If you become delinquent, the court can hold you in contempt and sentence you to as much as six months in jail. The court also may order the seizure of any or all of the following until payments are made current:

  • Lottery winnings — The state can attach any lottery winnings.
  • Licenses — The state can suspend your drivers license and fishing and hunting licenses, as well as any professional licenses necessary to pursue your career.
  • Tax refunds — State and federal income tax refunds can be withheld.

Family lawyer Bradford L. Atkinson represents clients in actions to enforce child support orders and collect past-due alimony. He can advise you of your legal options when faced with court decrees that fail to take your financial situation into account. If there are extenuating circumstances, Mr. Atkinson can help you put together the appropriate records for the court. But you should know that problems with child visitation never provide a legal excuse to stop support payments.

Modifications of alimony and child support orders in Conroe and The Woodlands, Texas

If you can no longer afford your current alimony or child support obligations, you may seek a modification from the court. Texas law allows you to petition the court if a significant change has occurred in either spouse’s finances that would justify a change.  So, if your ex-spouse has remarried, won the lottery or landed a well-paying job, there may be no reason for you to continue paying alimony. Alternately, if you have suffered a financial setback, the court may allow you to reduce the amount of child support. If little has changed, but you’re suffering because the calculations in the original order were flawed, you may have to wait until three years have passed.

Contact a knowledgeable Texas attorney for post-divorce modification and enforcement

Don’t default on your obligations because of financial hardship. Bradford L. Atkinson can help you secure a post-divorce modification to alimony and child custody. To schedule an initial consultation, call 936-230-5462 or contact his office online.