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A Personal Message from Bradford Atkinson

Seeing clients, family and friends alike struggle, I realize many people are having a tough time navigating legal issues during the COVID-19 outbreak. For so many, estate planning is more important than ever right now, especially for those working in an industry where medical directives are of utmost concern. For some parents who are separated or divorced, the details surrounding shared custody seem especially difficult during this “regular school term”, because so many schools are closed. And for others, protecting your rights while being asked to sign a separation agreement during company layoffs seems daunting.

I wanted to reach out to everyone personally to try to offer some level of reassurance. I have been offering flat fee estate planning packages that include wills, medical powers of attorney, directives to physicians (also known as a living will), and other limited scope legal services at a discounted rate and am coordinating appointments and legal services using telephone and video conferencing options. I’ve always been committed to providing my clients with cost effective services but am even more committed to doing so now because of the current financial uncertainties we find ourselves faced with today. 

If you have any questions about the issues in this post or any other legal matter, please feel free to contact my office at (936) 539-5554. 

Wishing all of you well,