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Advocating for dads in The Woodlands and Conroe

Under Texas law, family court must always make decisions based on the best interest of the child, no on the parents’ genders.  In practice, however, fathers often face uphill battles in matters of custody and child support. For more than 12 years, fathers’ rights lawyer Bradford L. Atkinson has worked to advance the cause of fathers in family court. His skilled and determined legal representation has leveled the playing field for fathers in the Conroe and Woodlands area.

Fighting for fathers’ rights to custody and parenting time

Children can misinterpret a father’s decision to leave a bad marriage as a lack of love for everyone in the family. This dynamic may affect your relationship with your children for years to come. The time to correct your child’s misconceptions is now. Even in the least contentious divorces, the window of opportunity to maintain your relationship with your child closes faster than you may think. For that reason, you must enforce your child custody or child visitation schedule. Family lawyer Bradford L. Atkinson can help you to maximize the time you spend with your child, regardless of what you can afford in child support. We believe that a good relationship with you benefits your child more than money ever can.

Fighting back against interference with your relationship with your children

Honest conflicts with your visitation schedule or exchange of custody are inevitable. Modern families live busy lives, and your children are no doubt engaged in numerous activities. But when a pattern of obstruction appears, you have every right to fight back. It’s quite common for embittered ex-wives to attempt to prevent fathers from seeing their children, or to defer to the children when they say they don’t want to see dad. Discomfort around a father following divorce is natural and something the father and child must work through. In such cases, even a well-intentioned mother who feels she is protecting her children must be informed that she is violating the law by failing to insist that the child spend the appropriate time with the father. If you feel your ex is interfering with your right to maintain a healthy, loving relationship with your children, Bradford L. Atkinson can help.

Contact a seasoned attorney for fathers’ rights in The Woodlands and Conroe, Texas

Don’t allow yourself to be treated like a second-class parent. Bradford L. Atkinson provides aggressive advocacy for fathers in Texas divorces and post-divorce actions. To schedule an initial consultation, call 936-230-5462 or contact his office online.

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